Office and Home

11111248Some people think that abstract or larger art is not compatible with their décor….whether their home or office. Leading interior decorators, however, often utilize the color and size of a piece of abstract art to liven even a traditional décor. Eight feet ceilings can easily accommodate a six feet painting.  Some larger art can be utilized with a table or even chairs (or both) in front of the bottom of the painting as the upper portions of the canvas is fully visible above the furniture…working in perfect harmony. As time permits, Baker can create a painting that will fit attractively into any décor…for a narrow but tall wall space or a shorter, but wider wall space, …for a room that needs a bright splash of color or a muted look to create a cozy atmosphere.

Although a larger piece of art might make a more dynamic impact visually, a small, but colorful piece of art might be just the accent a room needs. For that reason STUDIO 71 Art Gallery makes available an array of sizes and types of art to fit varied requirements. Many of today’s newer homes have higher ceilings, so size of a painting is not a problem. As a service to clients, Baker will permit a client to purchase a painting and take it to the home or office to determine if the colors and size are compatible with the owner’s goal.  If not, the painting can be exchanged for another painting that will work beetter for the subject space.

There is a joy that art brings to life, whether in the home or workplace.  David Baker and STUDIO 71 Art Gallery encourages your discovery of that joy.