John McDonald

JohnMcDonaldArtist John McDonald’s glass art is inspired by witnessing what his mind imagines that then comes to life at the end of his blowpipe. Each creation is formed by blending, mixing, or layering colored glass to create unique art pieces, which are merged using the age old process of glassblowing at temperatures over 2000 degrees. The individual sculptural forms are prompted into alluring shapes by spinning, twisting, cutting and pulling the molten glass using hand tools and gravitational pull. After cooling in a kiln, each beautiful glass piece is unique in form, color and clearness.


McDonald’s interest and talent in the art of glassblowing began to develop during his high school years. He continued his art education in college and then as a glass blower in a noted glass studio. He developed his own uniquely artistic style and established his own glass art studio over fifteen years ago.


Single pnk and rdJohn’s glass sculptures can be found in galleries worldwide and has been presented to celebrities including Michael Jackson, Ted Danson, Mary Steenburgen and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.