Baker Bio

9-19-06 151Baker the Painter

As the bumper sticker says (and I paraphrase), “I wasn’t born in Texas, but I came as soon as I could.” My Texas rebirth started when my parents moved our family from Kansas to Texas when I was three years old. It has included Corpus Christi through high school, and then a number of years in each of Houston, Fort Worth, Austin and finally home now in historic Bastrop, Texas.

After graduating from Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX and then earning my MBA in Finance at the University of Texas, I chose career variety over security. My business career included sales, marketing, banking, real estate, management and entrepreneurship and only took me out of Texas early in my career when my first employer located me for a couple of years in Michigan and then Chicago.

My art life started early, but was not professionally pursued until I retired from the Texas Dental Association as manager of for-profit subsidiaries. My first full time studio was a few miles east of Bastrop. I then opened The Baker Gallery, a store front gallery  located at 1009 Main Street in the heart of historic downtown Bastrop. Encouraged by the response to my art work, I moved my gallery to 924 Main Street and renamed it  Art on the Colorado. This location significantly increased the size of my gallery and also provided studio space so I could paint and meet visitors at the gallery as well. I have now moved the gallery from downtown Bastrop near the banks of the Colorado River to a location on State Highway 71 that gives the thousands of travelers from Houston to Austin and beyond exposure to not only my art, but to excellent works of other local and national artists at  STUDIO 71 Art Gallery.