011David Baker, Baker the Painter

My non-representational abstract art is painted with the goal that those who view the painting have an emotional experience that spurs their imagination. At Studio 71 gallery in Bastrop, Texas’ state highway 71 I have been pleased with the reception to my abstracts. From youngsters to seasoned citizens I notice a refreshing uplift as one and then another will say, “…you should name this one”…and then a variety of imaginative proposed names are suggested.  I am also gratified when I hear “…this one makes me feel peaceful…or happy,,,or…” a myriad of other emotions from the color, content, and composition of paint on canvas.  That’s why my paintings are untitled, leaving interpretation, emotions and titles to Studio 71 gallery visitors.  

My style of painting often incorporates wet paint on wet paint. I give my paint freedom to be my partner in creating the composition.

Click HERE to see pictures of many of the paintings that are available. Or better yet, plan to visit Studio 71 soon.  I also entertain requests for custom work as time permits.